Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Want to Stay Home

Swiss chard...long gone this time of year.
It's really been on my heart to stay home lately.  Although I love having a daily outing and it is pretty much the sanity-check both me and Rita need each day, I want to be home.  I want to messy the kitchen more, run the dishwasher more, have more sudsy soaking baking tools in the sink, and just really live in our home.

Rita exactly one year ago!
I want to produce.

I want to create.

I want to garden.

It's 85 and 90 degrees most of the day and some of the night.

There are mounds of fire ants in our herb garden and our vegetable garden.

Jonah can't be outside in the intense heat very long.

Guitar playing
So this is dreamer versus reality.

Romantic versus cynic.

But it's life.

Being outside during the morning will make gardening possible.

Being inside for midday and afternoon will allow for ample kitchen time.

Being outside in the evening will allow for recreation as a family.

Resting with Sweet Jonah
This is a challenge, but I think the only way to move forward is to experiment.

So the science of finding rhythm and creating wonder begins.

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  1. I hear you on this one!

    We have been so on-the-go lately that I too am longing to just be HOME! There is something so satisfying about being home, making and cleaning up from a meal, playing with the toys and making messes (and cleaning up, of course.)


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