Friday, September 7, 2012

An Unexpected Reply to My Request and Life Today

I vocalized that desire to stay home and within 24 hours Rita came down with a cold.

Oh boy have we been staying home!  The Lord sure has a sense of humor!

Today was a great day.  I had a real awakening Thursday night when I read about Marie.  You should read too.  In addition, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (thanks PBS) taught me a catchy tune to sing before blowing a fuse (which I ashamedly admit usually happens more than once a day with this one momma caring for two babies).

My stupid yelling and fussing and screaming (ouch... that hurts to admit) at Rita for "wrecking" the house  and "un-doing" is so lame and immature.  Really...I'm so blessed she has the intelligence and "want" to help around the house;  just so happens her helping usually results in a mess of some sort (not  unlike myself!!).

Jonah napped today.  Truth be told this baby LOVES his carseat.  Like he sleeps for four hours instead of 45 minutes.  So what the heck, let the baby sleep!

I'm getting ready for bed and the laundry hampers are no longer overflowing, the leftovers were eaten for supper (HUGE for us), our bed has clean sheets, Rita had clean PJs or "BJs" as she says (usually there is a "BJ" shortage in this house), I swept the living room so Tyler wouldn't have to, me and Rita had some great learning time and she is proficiently identifying both circles and triangles (!) at 19 1/2 months old, the kitchen is messy but clean, the bathroom counter and sinks are sparkling (but don't look too close) and the only plans we have this weekend are mass and homemade donuts with Mamzie and Gramps Sunday morning!

Jonah made six weeks this week.  His cooing and smiling has me melting all day long.  Such a sweet soul!

Life is finally settling down.

It feels so good to be able to grasp for a routine.

Image of King of Beers
I'm seriously considering ordering this print for Tyler...and I have to agree with it!  I'm not a guzzler but I love a refreshing crisp beer after a nice big supper.

Did I mention I am about to check-off a Bucket List Goal?!  Well, I guess I need a post on what my Bucket List is, but that will be another day (or another midnight).  So, I'll end the suspense.

I'm going to learn to speak Cajun French!  I'm SO grateful to have a supportive husband.  The babies will have great Dada time while I learn, I just know it.

Anyway, my parched mouth needs water and my eyes need sleep.  Happy Weekending to you!

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  1. 'When something seems bad, turn it around and find something good!' Yup, Paxton and I have both been singing it! What a sweet little reminder for little ones and their mamas!

  2. Dear Suzette, Do you know It has cheap, easy to orchestrate activities listed by age infant up to five years old.

    I have a hard time accepting "help" from my little helpers- I am inattentive at the wrong times, OCD at others, and, shall we say, a student myself in some areas of matronly duties I struggle to teach ("no, you can't help, I have no idea what I am doing!")... but at the same time, I try to be grateful for their real desire to help... and I hope that they still desire to help by the time that I am ready to accept their help.

    Have you read "Mommy, Teach me," a library book about Montessori at home? It really helped me to understand their desire and ability to work, as well as teaching me how to model things for them.

    About Mommy Temper Outbursts... um yeah. Working on that with the help of frequent confession and lots of practice. It is a life's work. I NEVER lost my temper (after age 12) before I got married and had kids. This is why God wanted me to get married... so that I would be challenged to GROW. (And I have room to grow.)

  3. Dear Amy,
    I have missed our conversations but this is a sufficient fill-in until we are well!! Thank you for the huge amount of helpful advice 😃

  4. Joe slept in his carseat until about 7 months old! He slept so much better in there and being a working mom I did what I had to to sleep!

    You really seemed to embrace this day - something I am working on. The things I do not finish will be there tomorrow - obvious but hard to remember sometimes!

    Congrats on learning Cajun French! That sounds exciting!

    1. "did what I had to do" - Yes! What works and fits each family is so unique!

      Trying my best Shelley...I'm really learning my limits (in a good way)!

      And thank you...our first class was a blast! I love that I'm able to learn for the sake of loving learning!!


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