Thursday, August 30, 2012

Leaving the House With Two Babies: Let Go (Part 1)

I really had trouble imagining I would function let alone leave the house with two babies under two years old. Today was one attempt that I knew just might erupt in my face...

But I took a chance!

Winging it on much prayer for grace and good behavior from Rita we braved the park (without Tyler).

From the start it was about letting go.

Rita wanted me to hold her, which meant a 24 lb toddler in the baby carrier and 10 1/2lbs in the stroller...not ideal, but I decided to go with it. Lord knows I need the exercise!

Jonah slept while me and Rita visited the ducks, then we headed to the swings. It was obvious once Rita hit the ground running from one swing to the next that I needed to move Jonah into the carrier so I could move fast to keep up with Rita.

After putting Jonah in the carrier, he decided it would be a good time for a meal! Really Jonah?! But it wasn't bad at all! Again, I just took a breath, smiled and got him out of the carrier and latched on as fast as I could.

I knew if I let go of ideals of how our park visit should go we would all be happier. Not to mention go home happier!

As I was nursing Jonah and swinging Rita, it started to rain! It was off to the car, two quick diaper changes and then time to head home. What a change of weather from sunny to rainy, but it made the "time to go" talk persuasive, effective and quick.

Overall we had a fantastic time. I'm willing to try again next week!

What is your experience with leaving the house with two or more kids?

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