Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Not Trying to Be Super Mom

In the midst of this approaching at a steady pace...
[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]

and expected to arrive in the next 12-18 hours...I decided that I didn't need to be super mom.  

Now is not the time to be cloth diapering my friends.  Some mommas may not agree, and that is fine!  But this is my blog...and I say no cloth diapering during hurricanes and tropical storms.  I am not hand-washing poop diapers in water we have to boil on the stove.  And if our gas stove were to go out?  Oh yie!


Yep, we bought disposables.  Eesh!  The cost...  But the convenience and sanitary measures far outweigh the cost for the next few days.  Maybe we won't lose power (hahahahaha!) and all that diaper buying will be a waste.  But you know what?  It won't be a waste, because me and Tyler made a decision we believe is best for our family.  
We're usually really good about finding the best for the budget and best for the Earth ways of doing things, within reason.  This is one exception.  And that's ok!

Have you ever made a decision you normally wouldn't because of circumstances?

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  1. You made the right decision! It's definitely worth the extra cost and waste right now. Praying for you, your family, your home and community as the storm approaches.

    1. Love that you agree. :). Thank you for the prayers! We are seeing the effects! The storm has broken into scattered gusty storms where we are. Praise the Lord!

  2. I agree it was a great decision! It will relieve some stress on your family IF the power is lost and if not? Well, you have some disposables to use or pass on to someone. Either way I think you made a wise decision.

    I hope you make it through the storms safe and with minimal damages! I can't imagine having to prepare for something like that!

    1. Loving the support! Thanks! Yes and this is the first break in 19 1/2 months of cloth diapering! And the last four-five weeks have been diapering two!
      Thankfully the power outages have been short-lived at our house although there are 10,000 without it in our city. God has spared us! Praise Him for His mercy on this family!

  3. Ha ha ha! I've hand washed diapers many times... backpacking, cabin camping, in the laundry sink with a broken washer. I've carted them on cross country roadtrips and taken backpacks full of stinking diapers on the bus to the laundromat... and you know what? I'm CRAZY! Don't be crazy! Try not to get too used to the "convenience"... and feel free to remind me when our family has diapers again, that I am done being crazy... (hopefully) Moderation in All Things (this should be my motto).


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