Thursday, June 21, 2012

Six Months Down, Six Months to Go! (Chit-Chat)

I CANNOT believe that June is nearly over.  PLEASE tell me where this year is going!

That being said, I also cannot believe that I have officially passed the 36 week mark of pregnancy!
Jonah could seriously arrive anytime.  But he won' least not anytime soon that is.  I am SO not holding myself to having a precious baby in my arms for mid-July.

Really?  Why not?

Because my friends, I carried Rita for 41 weeks.  Yes, I'm that much more of a woman for it.  Pretty amazing if you ask me! HA!  I'm biased.

Maybe Jonah will surprise us and come soon, but I have quite a bit to do before my little Mr. makes his debut.  But hey, it's all just about patiently waiting!

So half way through the year, a baby about to arrive, more than three years married, Tyler is about to have a birthday and Rita is running, talking, walking, and just keeping me busier than I could have ever imagined!

Life is happening!

I'm getting geared-up for sharing the updates on our 2012 G.O.A.L.S.  We have had some great accomplishments that I'm excited to share!

Did I ever mention my sister is getting married?  Yep!  That's happening this year too!  A December wedding - I'm really excited to see a winter wedding!  Let's hope Rita takes her flower girl role seriously.  :)

Well, time to run to do some cash grocery shopping in the 10000 degree weather!  Thank God for A.C. !   He knows I would SERIOUSLY be lost without it.  

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  1. I was advised to plan a week of fun evenings every evening from my due date on so that if I went into labor, great. If I didn't I could go to that free concert, dinner party, etc. Something to keep your spirits up while you are late. I'd say that counting on 41 weeks is a positive mental start for the next month. :)

    1. Good idea! Even renting a stash of movies from the library would be exciting - we don't ever seen to watch the movies we rent, but this would be a great time!


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