Friday, June 22, 2012

Life Without a Rocking Chair

Yep, life without a rocker.  

Potential Box-ish Rocker (Most Expensive Choice)

Source: via Suzette on Pinterest

It's been challenging.   It's been almost eight weeks since we sold our glider and ottoman combo on Craigslist.  We were tired of the maintenance of the oiling and bolts.  We NEVER used the ottoman, so it was this random and clumsy piece of junk that was constantly being moved back and forth between closets.

I'm so glad to know that what we deemed totally necessary really isn't.  Although, it did make nap time and bed time a bit easier at times.

But now we're on a quest for a rocker.  I'm not sure if I want all wood.  I really don't want another glider.  I'm sort of disgusted by rocker-recliners (think Lazy-Boy).  They are just so big and bulky and eesh... so yucky when food ends-up on them.  I love the idea of wiping wood clean and moving on with my day.

So I found one that I really like at a local antique store, but it's a bit box-ish and might leave me feeling squished with two babies in my lap!  There's a spindle rocker that would fit just me and one baby, which might be nice.  It's low to the ground and a nice cream color.  There is a bentwood rocker, but I remember flipping the one my parents had SO many times.

Bentwood rocker.  Lovely.  Dangerous.

Well, the spindle is $55, the bentwood was $65 but is marked down to $50 and the mac-daddy, beautiful but sorta boxy rocker is $150, with 10% (basically tax) off.  Maybe we'll just get the spindle rocker.  Or maybe we'll just wait.  We are bringing cash to purchase our rocker, whichever we choose - so excited about this financial change!

Resembles Potential Spindle Rocker, which might fit "just right..."
Source: via Suzette on Pinterest
I've got time!  (Sort of...antiques stores don't really keep stock...God's will!)

Do you use a rocker with your babies?  Which kind do you prefer?

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  1. Something you can wipe clean is a must with a newborn. If the back has slats, let them be flat to fit your back and not round. Check the angle of incline- I know that I like to be leaning back relaxed, not sitting up when I am not rocking. Yes, try to tip it (or let Tyler) to see how stable it is because Rita *will* rock in it when you are cooking. If you nurse for any extended period of time, you will bless your chair if it has arms to hold up your arm. I never could fit two babies in my wooden frame rocker. You might start searching for a child sized rocker for Rita so that she can rock and practice nurturing her babies when you nurse. Also, keep a lookout for a footstool to prop up your feet when you nurse.

    I lived in my rocking chair from the day I got out of bed with my first for four weeks solid. I had my books, my phone, extra water, a snack basket, and a stack of diapers. With two needy ones, we moved to a couch where there was more space for sprawling kicking legs.I missed my rocking chair.

    1. Thanks for the tips and recommendations. Most we have covered, but we will keep the others in sight!


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