Saturday, June 16, 2012

Keeping Sunday

Over the past few months we have focused on making Sunday a day of rest, recreation and time with loved ones (family or friends).

This has been a great way to celebrate Christ's sacrifice each week.  Making Sunday set-apart also allows us to enjoy the benefits of pursuing a minimalist lifestyle as we have fewer and fewer possessions to "tend to" on the weekend.  

Saturday has become another day of work, but it is one that we take at a much slower pace.  We usually enjoy a family nap in the afternoon and some sort of outing in either the morning or evening.  Even still we accomplish a lot working as a team and keeping in mind that the next day is ours for whatever we like!

We begin our Sunday with mass and homemade waffles - it is such a delight to share the Eucharist and share a delicious warm breakfast together.  We then follow with family time, nap, and some sort of activity or another.

One family activity that we very much enjoy on Sunday (in addition to mass) is our family trip to the library!  We put Rita to "ride" in the stroller and peruse the library at a slow pace.  We rent movies, books, CDs, make returns, explore the children's section and just enjoy a quiet place to be together.  No doubt Rita will have a meltdown at some point, whether a hungry spell hits, we have to take a book from her, or we have to curb her exploration - but it doesn't nearly ruin the trip.

Keeping Sunday special has helped to bring us together as a family unit.  Sometimes we spend time with close friends or extended family, but the sweetest Sundays are those when we can be in our own home, at our own pace.

Search and find a way to keep Sunday set apart for your family.  Surely you will not regret it and your children will draw closer in confidence to you as they see that you take the time to make the Lord's day special for the family.

Reading, reading and reading!  This is Rita's favorite activity these days and Sunday supplies plenty of time for us to read her favorite stories again and again and again and...again as a family!

How do you spend Sunday?

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