Friday, June 15, 2012

Behold the Lamb

Praise you mighty and awesome God for a wonderful year (nearly) of being consecrated to Your Sacred Heart!  Thank you for this feast day to celebrate Your ever-pulsing, bleeding, compassionate, merciful and tender Heart.

May this family be devoted to You more and more every day.  Strengthen us so that we may joyfully and faithfully follow Your will for us.

Let us cling to the spiritual and release the temporal.  

Guide us Lord as we seek a clean, simple, organized and focused life.  Give us clear discernment of truly necessary possessions so that we may never be in the place of the rich official who was "quite sad, for he was very rich" (Luke 18:23b).  

Blessings since this feast day last year:

Conception of new life
Cyst-free pregnancy
Healthy, joyful, exuberant toddler
January evaluation and raise for Tyler
Second Vehicle
Being debt-free for one month
Renewed commitment to living debt-free
Improved marital communication
Accountability of faults/weaknesses between spouses, that we may be purified, healed, forgiven and strengthened in virtue
Grace to adjust to motherhood
Live and support from family in light of our second baby to arrive this July
A flourishing herb garden
Clothing for Rita and Jonah up to 4T
Revelation of the clear connection between minimalism and Christ's call to live detached
Blessing of new Christian friendships
Tyler wrote, recorded and produced his first country music album (a bucket-list goal!)
Nursing Rita through pregnancy
Engagement of my sister to a God-seeking man
Being able to bring Rita (and Jonah) to mass during the week as well as Sundays
Obviously, there is so much to be thankful for!  The Lord is ABUNDANT IN GOODNESS!

 Do you celebrate the feast of the Sacred Heart?  How has Christ blessed your life since this time last year?

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