Friday, May 11, 2012

Frugal Practices that Work/Save For Us

Since we've been in our home over a year (how and when did that happen!?) I have been especially enjoying getting in our bills of consumption: electricity, water and natural gas.  Why would I enjoy that? Because now our bills are comparing what we consumed a year ago vs currently and I love the learning that take places!  So, we'll have a little series here on jambalaya:

Frugal Practices that Work/Save For UsElectricity

KWH Used One Year Ago: 918
Total Amount Billed One Year Ago: $72.00

KWH Used Last Billing Cycle: 654
Total Current Bill: $54.00

What a huge, great savings of $18.00!  The best part is that last year was not nearly as warm in April as it was this year.  We ran the AC more this April than last, if my memory isn't failing me, yet still used less electricity!

Here are practices that we have adopted over the last year (some are more recent than others):
  1. Line drying our laundry (first it was only outdoors but now we have the equipment for indoors too) 
  2. Hand washing dishes
  3. Using the dryer on low or medium heat (I grew up always using high heat and now realize how wasteful I have been - medium heat for 50 minutes will dry a load of towels even on a humid day)
  4. Using daylight wisely (from windows that aren't letting in gobs of scorching hot sunlight)
  5. Using AC and ceiling fans collaboratively (fans help to circulate hot/cold air throughout the house, rather than our AC units blowing their hearts out)
  6. Utilizing power cords
  7. Unplugging nearly everything when not in use (exceptions are oven, fridge, AC units, washing machine, dryer, hot water heater, wireless internet)
  8. Hang curtains to curb the heat/cold from outside
  9. Fewer light bulbs in light fixtures (example: our room has room for three bulbs but we use only one)
  10. Turn off AC units when we leave the house (just leave fans on for circulation)
These frugal practices have made a big difference in our budget and even with baby Jonah coming in July I aim to continue them to the best of my momma x2 ability!

Easter 2012

Hooray for a more simple life!


  1. Logan and I make it a game almost to try to get our energy bill as low as possible (because we're nerds like that) :) One thing I've been doing since I'm home all the time now is to change what I wear so we don't have to use the AC/heater as much. Every little bit adds up!

  2. What a great idea! Layer, layer, layer. :)


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