Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sentimental Clutter

So I had some terrific sewing goals in place for before Jonah arrives. This post is about reality.

My current sewing desk is an antique vanity I chose as my birthday present in 8th grade. We had debated selling it in the last great purge but sentimental attachments had me choose to keep it. I love sewing and the desk is nice (although a bit tall to be a sewing or computer desk) but reality is that the desk has become a total cluttered "dump" station in our laundry room. So I'm back at the drawing board trying to discern the proper place for this piece of furniture.

Can anything be accomplished in this space?  I am so overwhelmed by it, that day after day I just pass it by!

Do sentimental items large or small clutter your life?


  1. I could very easily be a sentimental stuff hoarder but I've realized having lots of sentimental stuff just means you're a hoarder! I have kept a small amount of personal things from childhood like a gold necklace from my grandma, 2 dolls and a sewing desk that was my great, great grandmas. I'm sure there are a few more things floating around my house but I've found it's best to just keep my 'treasures'!

    If the vanity is a 'treasure' keep it! Use it in your room or keep it for Rita in the future! And taking 5 minutes to tidy up around the space would probably make a world of difference and keep you from feeling overwhelmed!

  2. What a great realization! Yes! Hoarders seem to be able to conjure up "reasons" for keeping things. Thanks for the tip -Five minutes did make a great difference!

    I am going to have to pray and discern the true treasures before I am up to my next in furniture! :) Ok well actually we have minimal furniture, but just saying!

    Enjoy your break! HB to big brother Paxton!


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