Friday, March 16, 2012

Welcoming Spring

Ever since Rita has become a part of our family it has become important to me to observe the seasons, the changes we go through as humans, noting how the available produce and even dairy availability are connected to the seasons. It's interesting that motherhood has brought this on, and we are excited for Spring!

So we decided to create something...
Rita was very serious about coloring the leaves and our kitchen table.

In celebration of new life we made a Spring mobile for Rita's room!

This was a fun frugal project!  We used a stick from the backyard, yarn given to us, silver bells from Christmas craft supplies, foam lamb cut-outs from crafting supplies, jewels from crafting supplies, oil pastels from craft supplies, hot glue and the hot glue gun.  All of this was supplies we already had!  The only piece purchased intentionally for this mobile was the bird.  I found it at Target in the after Christmas clearance for about 25 cents!  It was technically already in our art cabinet, but when I purchased it I knew it would be for a Spring mobile.

Hoping that you can celebrate the upcoming Spring and Easter season in a special way!

Using an art cabinet really helps to facilitate creative activity because all of our supplies are in one place.  There is no running around searching for a pencil, crayon box, ball of yarn (I recommend designating a separate amount from your knit/crotchet stash) piece of paper (junk mail anyone?), etc. because all of the supplies have a specific spot in a general space i.e. the art cabinet.  I keep random items too so that Rita can learn that art can be made from anything!

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