Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Annual Yard Sale

An old-y but good-y that was never posted (since October).  Oops!  Sorry!

Our first yard sale we failed to advertise in the correct newspaper and so we had three customers.  We did pay for our ad, but not much more than that.  So, we're calling this weekend's yard sale our first real yard sale.

Our ad ran with the beginning time being 6:30am.  We were finishing setting-up at about 6:00am and a woman and her husband came by, but it was sooo dark outside that they couldn't see anything.  No sells on the first round.  The second customer was just a car passing our house who turned around in the neighbor's driveway.  Lesson learned!  Tyler pulled-out his work light (which he got from work for FREE because of one small broken piece, now that's frugal) and did a great job lighting-up our driveway.

From 6:30 to 10:30 people came in waves.  Between customers we would run back inside to be warm and cozy in our lovely home. :)

Overall we did really really well.  We made enough to buy lumber for extra support beneath our bed frame, a bit for Rita's savings account, a bit of extra cash for each of us for the week and something else...
it escapes me!

We were planning on this yard sale being annual, but we have donated so much every few months and sometimes more often that I don't think we will have enough "stuff" for a garage sale.  Am I disappointed by this? No way!  I feel like it is a good sign that we are doing well embracing minimalism.  

Lately, I have been further inspired to not only recycle/donate items but re-purpose them for other true needs in our home or even repair them (which means my mending pile is a bit larger than normal).  


I just love a white bedroom filled with sunlight...

In anticipation of Jonah (nesting a bit early I know!) we are removing "stuff" from our bedroom and my favorite, rearranging!!!! I am looking forward to sharing our bedroom space.  

The more we purge and detach the more time we have and the less cleaning I have!   And guess what?  The less we have the less we want.   Praise the Lord!

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