Thursday, March 29, 2012

Packing for 1st Family Vacation

Over the last two weeks I have been tossing into a pile items we aren't using daily but will need for vacation (bug spray, sunscreen, swimsuits, etc.) and now it is crunch time!  We leave next Thursday, Holy Thursday, for our destination and are so excited!

We will be gone five nights, so I plan on washing clothes once and diapers twice.  Diaper washing will be an adventure in our hotel, but I am excited for the experience.

We will be packing:

Diapering Supplies
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • wipe spray (fill before leaving)
  • diaper cream
  • diaper covers
  • small pail
  • pail liners 
  • laundry detergent

 Family Members

    • three shirts
    • two pairs shorts
    • one pair jeans
    • three pairs socks
    • three pairs underwear
    • sandals
    • tennis shoes
    • swimsuit
    • deodorant
    • toothbrush
    • toothpaste
    • reusable water bottle
    • bar of soap
    • one pair of leggings
    • one pair of jeans
    • one sundress
    • two shirts
    • two pairs PJs
    • sandals
    • swimsuit
    • deodorant
    • mousse
    • toothbrush
    • coconut oil
    • reusable water bottle
    • two rompers
    • one shirt
    • one pair of pants
    • two dresses
    • two pairs of PJs
    • sandals* 
    • swimsuit
    • swim diaper
    • blankie
    • toothbrush
    • hairbrush
    • books
    • toys
    • sippy cups (2)
    *need to purchase

    • stroller
    • sling
    • bug spray
    • sun screen
    • beach towels
    • pack n play
    • benadryl, tylenol and syringe
    • prenatal vitamins and supplements
    • computer
    • chargers
    • large ice chest (for hotel - borrow* from Mom and Dad)
    *borrowing a large ice chest will not cost us a penny and omits having to purchase a $30-$40 ice chest for a one time use!  We haven't used a large ice chest except about once a year so it is definitely not a need.
    • dried fruit
    • fresh fruit
    • fresh veggies
    • homemade breakfast bars*
    • boiled eggs
    • cheese sticks (purchase at vacation site)
    • cheerios
    • crackers
    • yogurt (purchase at vacation site)
    • syrup (for our continental breakfast!)
    *recipe to follow this week!

    We are so excited that our hotel, which is only $85 per night also includes breakfast!  This is a great money saving tip.  It lowers our vacation food budget and omits having to plan, pack and purchase breakfast.  This will make it easier to pack "brown bag" lunches and dinners.  I'm hoping we keep an ice chest in the car and a larger one in our hotel room with items that need refrigeration.  We have discussed going to a grocery store upon arrival to purchase food (yogurt, cheese) that might spoil on the drive.  In addition, we are planning on eating-out a few times for dinner, especially since I have scored a great Groupon at a local pizza joint less than 10 minutes from our hotel!

    When traveling, make the frugal choice and be sure to book a hotel that offers FREE breakfast!

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