Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Raised Bed Garden: Seedlings

We did great planting this year.  We actually planted the day before the last recommended day to plant.  Woohoo!  Praise the Lord!  Such a blessing and relief to start our garden on time.

Another stroke of frugality for our garden - using the seeds I ordered last year!  These seeds did well last year and we were very glad not to have to purchase more seeds this year.  All of the seeds we planted sprouted (and should sprout next year too).  We ordered our seeds from Johnny's Selected Seeds.  We are not compensated to mention them - just impressed by the quality of seed.

Now our garden is bustling with teeny tiny bits of life.

We also have sweet peppers and grape tomatoes showing their smiling faces.  Hoping for an abundant harvest!

How is your garden?  Any tips for us as first-time raised bed gardeners?

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