Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Raised Bed Garden: Building

This year we decided to have our garden in a raised bed rather than level with our yard.  Last year I wasn't impressed by the standing water (which is inevitable in South Louisiana) that happened now and then, nor was I impressed by the abundance of weeds!  

I was giving Tyler all sorts of scenarios with the different types of raised beds I had researched; he finally stopped me (of course I was talking 1,000 miles a minute and constantly rephrasing what I had said just two sentences before) and suggested using tin.  Tin!  The man is a genius I tell you.  We were on a small budget, wanted a tall raised bed (to accommodate me and Jonah in our round form), knew it would be small and so my incredible husband put these pieces of info together and had the best idea ever!  

We had lumber to use as the ends, which my brilliant love drilled together and supported with U-posts from last year's garden.  The lumber was a bit yucky in appearance, so we painted the sides that face outwards from the garden. The result was smashing!  The garden is braced by our fence, which will also serve as the trellis for cucumbers.  It's really a lovely creation!  Tyler reminded me to encourage you that anyone, anyone can build this sort of garden.  We are pretty simple in our building abilities, so try it out and enjoy!

Then, Tyler borrowed my dad's truck and got an entire truckload of FREE compost/soil to fill the garden bed.  This was super frugal!

Overall our raised bed garden cost us just below $30.  If we reap even the smallest bit of produce then the garden should pay for itself.

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