Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Update: Goals to Reach in Two Weeks (Round Two)

Although there are quite a few tasks, I am pleased with what I did achieve.  We are wanting to get to sleep earlier than 10:00 and 10:30 so I'm really going to step it up and accomplish my goals during the day Monday-Saturday!  Looking to finish this list for Friday evening!

1. Relocate sewing machine, materials and possibly entire desk.
The desk remained but my sewing area is now in the laundry - much more practical seeing that I always need to iron when I sew.

2. Contact appropriate people to donate high school artwork.

3. File all paperwork.

4. Clean out filed paperwork.
Started but not finished.  We reused a large portion of the trash paperwork to cover the grass at the bottom of our raised bed.  This was a relief to not have to find a shredder to borrow or shred myself!

5. Go through linen chest.

6. Rearrange me and Tyler's closet.
7. Finish reading How to Declutter Your Life and Your Home by: Martha Sinclair.
What a great read!  I was inspired to start another decluttering, but then I remembered I first had lots of goals left to achieve!

8. Set aside money for garden lumber, purchase lumber, and haul dirt to house.
Our garden is built and planted.

9. Visit chapel.
It was great!  I brought in a sketchbook and colored pencils and Rita was occupied for nearly 20 minutes!  Thank you Lord.
We made a second trip as a family - praise the Lord!  The sketchbook and colored pencils worked great again!

10. List books on Amazon OR list misc. items on Craigslist.  
Listed twelve books on Amazon and sold one for a profit of 97 cents!  I know, it isn't even a dollar but twice I have tried to read this book and not gotten through it and the condition wasn't "like new," so I'm just happy we have less clutter and a bit of profit to be put in savings!  Good news!  Sold a second book and profited $13.45!!  So far $14.42 to put into savings for our three month emergency fund.

"A penny saved is a penny earned." -Benjamin Franklin

Do you have any goals set to achieve?  I challenge you to set a "due date" and have the joy of reaching your goal.

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