Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Morning on our Porch

Hip Hip Hooray!!! Our camera made it back to us yesterday!

This morning I noticed that a few stems of our thyme were beginning to bloom, which meant...

Harvest Thyme!

We are so excited that 
a. we are outside first thing this morning
b. our camera is home
c. Rita is supremely happy and embracing the harvest spirit - while I am typing this she has harvested our wee little catnip plant...mmm...hoping this little mint will come back quickly!

Our bountiful harvest.  The cold weather really put our thyme into a growth spurt.  Good for me to remember.

Rita was a great help!  She likes repetitive tasks lately (i.e. pick up plant, lay it down, repeat).  She is so happy when she can master an activity.
Our thyme, ready to be put in a dry, unheated oven and covered with a tea towel.  I have two notes on the oven that read, "DON'T USE OVEN."  :)

After I put the thyme in the oven, I found Rita trying to put the thyme on her rocking chair (she was rocking on the front porch eating a slice of dried, unsweetened and unsulphured papaya earlier).  So, I grabbed our basket of ribbon and VIOLA!

Decorating Thyme!

Investigating with such sweet small hands.

A shining smile!  Success!

Have a wonderful thyme celebrating the coming of Spring on March 20th!

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