Friday, February 3, 2012

Update: Goals to Reach in Two Weeks

On Saturday I turned into Superwoman.  Every spare moment was spent in the kitchen so that I could complete goal one: organize the pantry.  All of my pregnancy hormones kicked in when I was losing momentum.  I think I may have induced nesting a bit early! :)

The greatest part of this project was the fact that in trying to simplify, organize and minimize our pantry, I ended-up clearing an entire cabinet and organizing about 80% of the kitchen. Tyler helped me to consolidate the rarely used and not well liked kitchen items which we will go through when we have our digital camera back (that way as we decide against items I can snap a picture, upload, and list the items on Craigslist).  

On Saturday night we peeked into Rita's closet, decided against two throw pillows and stopped for the evening - it was that overwhelming!  Sunday I hustled-up a bit of energy.  We had great family talk time while we leisurely worked and Rita crawled about the closet mess that spilled into her room.    I am so close to completing this goal, but the going is slow with a sweet little helper by my side who is totally enjoying "discovering" while I hustle and bustle around her.  Mostly I need to finish going through that huge wooden cabinet on the left which serves as storage for all things educational, outside of books. I finished going through that cabinet and now it is just to finish dispersing things to their proper places around the house or donating outside of the house.

The going is slow, but I refuse to move on to another goal until the current one is accomplished.  I thrive on structure because without it I become scatter-brained as they come.

 1. Organize the pantry.  When I tell you that it is a wreck, I am dead serious.  I really think there might be onions making babies in the far deep corners of the pantry...eesh or rotting away.  Enjoying our clean, clutter-free pantry that even inspired a new sort of "poor man lasagna" for supper last night!

2. Purge Rita's closet.  There are no words, other than purge. Nearing the end of this HUGE, HUGE task (mainly because her closet is 1/3 of the size of her bedroom).

3. Finish our spare "closet" transformation into Tyler's music room.  He is sharing the space with Christmas decoration, two chairs (for family members), an ottoman (also for family) and maybe a few other things.  Poor guy!

4. Plan our garden.  Wow!  I can't believe it's time to start planning already.  We have lots of seeds, including our own okra seeds that I saved myself.  Rachel, over at frugal & simple is also planning their garden.  Check it out!

5.  Harvest, blanch and freeze our swiss chard.  It is so beautiful in our front flower and herb garden, but it will be even better on our plates and in the freezer.

So here we are, Rita's closet on the very brink of being completed.  Six more days...and Tyler is excited about the music room so hopefully we will move fast.

Top half of our pantry.  We are so pleased to have order!  The top right is designated Rita area, which makes it so simple when she needs a quick snack.

Bottom half of our pantry.  The top shelf is our overstock and the bottom shelf is supplies we use when we have gatherings and other misc. house supplies (lightbulbs, vinegar, etc.).

If you are partaking in your own goals, stay vigilant!  Each bit you do is part of making a difference. Comments are welcomed!!

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