Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ideas for Nursing an Active Toddler

Nursing a toddler is so fun, sweet and sometimes a bit testing, but the fruits are incredible!  Here's a quick reflection on how to make nursing that active sweet baby/toddler a bit easier.

1. Patience. Patience. Patience.  Our Lord is so gracious in bestowing this virtue, but I find it most abundant when I have at least five minutes of quiet, personal prayer time with Jesus. Daily exercise also helps tremendously!

2. Nurse in a quiet place.  Quiet and dark, and if not dark at least dim, helps your active little joy to focus and not be distracted.

3. Make a chunky wooden bead necklace and wear the heck out of  it!  We used our Melissa and Doug stringing beads and made a lifesaver.  This has been the best tool, even now, for church.  Rita loves to hit them together, chew on them, spin them, and just have a blast!  This is especially great if number two is not a option.

4. My sweet Rita has six teeth and I have to tell you, don't fear those chompers!  We have had biting incidents, but it has never ever outweighed the positives of nursing.

5.  A friend and I talked about how when our babies started to demand to nurse that's when we would wean our babies - ha!  Rita's "demanding" (which is really just her saying, "Mommy I'm hungry!") started at three months, so we have never had any deciding factor as to when Rita will stop nursing.

6. Relax!  Realize that nursing is now about fun, comfy time with Mommy!  Rita has made nursing my time with her and bedtime her time with Daddy - it works out great!

Please post any questions or experience you have nursing about toddler nursing!

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