Monday, January 30, 2012

Nursing an Active Toddler

Rita is nonstop these days!  She is crawling, standing, climbing up and down steps, standing in her high chair, bending over backwards in the shopping cart, etc.  All of you mommas with busy bodies know what I mean!

The only time my sweet girl begins to slow down is when she nurses.  Don't be fooled!  10 seconds (literally) into the feeding she is twisting, turning, climbing, and eventually sliding out of my lap still latched on!  It is truly amazing and intensely painful.  The hormones from my second pregnancy have made nursing quite uncomfortable at times, but we persist!  The health benefits are amazing and we so enjoy our cuddly nursing time.

Even still, when Rita is tired and ready for a nap, I invite her to nurse and she quickly climbs into my lap.  After nursing 5-10 minutes I put her down into her crib to go "do-do" (pronounced dough-dough) and she usually has settled herself down into a nap within 15 to 20 minutes.

I am so grateful that I have been able to nurse Rita a year and two weeks.  Lately there have been a few times I chose not to nurse her because it is uncomfortable and there was nowhere quiet to retreat to (without quiet my acrobatic baby increases her limber activity tenfold); four out of five times though we do nurse!  Thank you Lord for the gift of nursing!

To all you moms who, like my own mom, were unable to nurse your children be assured that God has blessed your children in His own special way!

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