Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Goals to Reach in Two Weeks (Round Two)

This time around I am doubling my tasks.  I think with a momentum already present achieving all goals will be possible!

1. Relocate sewing machine, materials and possibly entire desk.

2. Contact appropriate people to donate high school artwork.

3. File all paperwork.

4. Clean out filed paperwork.

5. Go through linen chest.

6. Rearrange me and Tyler's closet.
7. Finish reading How to Declutter Your Life and Your Home by: Martha Sinclair.

8. Set aside money for garden lumber, purchase lumber, and haul dirt to house.

9. Visit chapel.

10. List books on Amazon OR list misc. items on Craigslist.

Lord, give me the grace I need to be productive.

I started this set of two week goals yesterday, Monday February 13th.  Just didn't get around to posting last night.   :)

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