Friday, February 10, 2012

Final Update: Goals to Reach in Two Weeks (Round One)

WoW!  Those two weeks few by!  I have to say, come Tuesday morning I still had my last two goals to start and complete - I was a bit nervous!  Staying focused and the wonderful support and encouragement of my husband helped the most!

1. Organize the pantry.  When I tell you that it is a wreck, I am dead serious.  I really think there might be onions making babies in the far deep corners of the pantry...eesh or rotting away.

2. Purge Rita's closet.  There are no words, other than purge.  Ended wonderfully!!! I have half a trunk full of items to donate.  I really thought about holding onto them to do another yard sale before our sweet baby arrives...but then I really just want this clutter out, so tata useless junk!

3. Finish our spare "closet" transformation into Tyler's music room.  He is sharing the space with Christmas decoration, two chairs (for family members), an ottoman (also for family) and maybe a few other things.  Poor guy!  Our family wasn't able to take the furniture but they do know we would like to move it to their home sooner than later.  We did our best to work around the furniture and we were both pleased with the results.

4. Plan our garden.  Wow!  I can't believe it's time to start planning already.  We have lots of seeds, including our own okra seeds that I saved myself.  Rachel, over at frugal & simple is also planning their garden.  Check it out!  I will be blogging about our garden plans in the upcoming week!

5.  Harvest, blanch and freeze our swiss chard.  It is so beautiful in our front flower and herb garden, but it will be even better on our plates and in the freezer.  Plans for the Swiss chard changed; we are eating it now instead of storing it to eat later.  After one meal we are already 1/3 of the way through these yummy greens!

Some of our delicious Swiss chard just before harvesting!  Aren't those stems beautiful?

Overall, this was a great two weeks!  Tyler enjoyed the challenge of accomplishing all five goals with me - it is so great to have such an amazing best friend and husband!  Over the weekend I am going to pinpoint new "projects" that need to be done.  Something about knowing that I have to publicly account for my progress really motivates me!

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