Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Anyone wondering if cloth diapering really saves money?  I did!  Even though I'm a firm believer in cloth diapering, and as I said in a prior post, it is all we can afford, sometimes I wondered.  So, after over a month of researching and compiling I have results! The results include the cost of disposables, the cost of our current cloth diaper stash, estimated expenses until 18 months and the total savings!

Part I: The Cost of Disposables

For a while we used disposables for Rita.  We were living with my parents and fighting a yeast diaper rash and disposables allowed me to catch my breath, research, solve and begin anew.  So, the estimated cost of disposables for 18 months is based on the brand of diapers and wipes that we used during that time.  We are not endorsed/compensated to support/mention either brand, we just tried others and had the most success with the below mentioned brands.

Cost of Disposable Diapering

Earth’s Best Disposable Diapers $11.79 per pack, five packs per month:  $58.95

Huggies Pure & Natural Wipes, 216 wipes $6.19 per pack, 2 1/2 packs per month:  $15.47

One Month in Disposable World:  $74.42 + tax = $80.37

Projected expense for 18 months of disposable diapering: $1446.66

*The bulk of my family isn't much for buying diapers as a baby gift, but let's say that friends provided us with a total of two months of diapers.  This would put the projected expense at $1285.92 - still a hefty price to pay for convenience!


  1. Wow! I knew cloth diapering was saving money but I've never added up projected costs...disposables are outrageous! Cloth saves a ton of money, creates less waste & can be used with future babies too...pretty good for around a $200 -300 investment!

    1. Agreed! My husband has just turned into a super cloth diaper advocate! :) He was always supportive but is especially glad to see how resourceful cloth diapering helps us to be with his income.

  2. I've tried to talk myself into taking the plunge into cloth diapering, but I just can't - I hate laundry!. I do have to say that disposables don't have to be that expensive...I only buy diapers and wipes with coupons, preferably when they're on sale (which means I've been stocking up before Landon gets here!). I try to pay no more than 15¢ a diaper, and for wipes, about 2¢ each. And when he gets here, I'm going to try making my own sister-in-law does that (in addition to cloth diapering) so she really saves money!

    1. Cloth diaper laundry is the simplest ever! You only fold if you choose and never need to iron! :) Glad you can get the diapers on sale. The diapers above are more expensive because they are chlorine free and made of natural materials. Hope you can do your own wipes - it goes hand in hand with our cloth diapering!


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