Friday, January 20, 2012

Cloth Diapering with Prefolds

When we tell people that we cloth diaper, they often say, "You are so lucky they have those nice, modern cloth diapers. When so-and-so was little we had to fold those square diapers and..."  You know, those horror stories of rubber pants that were the opposite of lea-proof. 

Well folks, we use prefolds, those "square diapers" that you fold but we do use covers of various brands that usually hold-in any explosive messy poops.  Gdiaper covers, Imse Vimse covers, Mommy's Touch covers, and a few others.  Overall (*and we are not paid or endorsed to say/type this) I prefer the Mommy's Touch covers because they are so versatile with the size and ways you can snap.  Tyler prefers the Gdiaper covers, because he finds them easier to put on and take off of Rita.  Rita is a very, very trim baby and that made it a little tricky finding the right cover in the beginning, but we have a small stash in various sizes which will be wonderful for the new baby!

Basically, with prefolds you fold the diaper, lay it down in the cover, put on baby and viola!  The people who then find-out that we do cloth diaper in a semi-old fashioned way with a modern twist usually comment, "Oh wow! I bet you do really save money!" (Referring to the fact that the fancy diapers are so costly per diaper).

We are currently adjusting to the change in poop consistency now that Rita is eating what we are eating, but after much consideration we have decided to press on with the cloth diapers! 

So why prefolds?  We are on a very basic simple budget and truly it was all that we could afford.  Second, I love the fact that what touches Rita's bottom is good ole' organic cotton.  Nothing man-made.  Since her diapers are cotton, it made it easy to use one as a burp rag when she was smaller or for any sort of  spill that might happen in the car when we do not have wipes on hand.  Also, if she has an explosive poop I can throw clothes, diaper and all into the washing machine.  It really rocks!  So if you can't afford fancy cloth diapers (which sometimes I do think could be very convenient) know that cloth diapering is still TOTALLY an option and you might be surprised just how cheap it is!  
Amazingly cute Dr. Seuss snap diaper covers!

"Could you, would you cloth diaper in a car? Could you, would you cloth diaper near and far?  I love cloth diapering Sam, I am!  I do cloth diaper wherever I am!" -Suzette (me)


  1. I love prefolds too! In fact, I prefer to use them at home with Paxton since they take up less room in the wash. However, I've not been brave enough to use them away from home, I always take my pockets out!

    And, where did you get those cute covers? Paxton loves 'the cat'! :)

    1. I had never thought of less wash - that's a great point! I have to admit, changing a poop prefold in public is a little challenging but I feel so accomplished after! We keep an extra cover in the diaper bag- that has saved me a few times!

      I have a feeling that if we can afford a few pocket diapers we might purchase four or five for going out and about, especially with two babies coming July!

      I wish I had these precious covers! The picture of the covers came from Etsy, but sold, so I found one similar (but just not quite as cute in my opinion).
      It is on Etsy, offered by twinkletoesdiapers.
      The listing title is:"AI2 cloth diaper cover Made from Dr Seuss character stripe fabric"


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