Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 G.O.A.L.S.

Each letter represents an aspect we/I seek to improve this 2012 year.  Have you made any goals?  Please share yours!
Increase in visits to the adoration chapel (weekly, hopefully)
Daily family prayer
Teaching Rita the traditional Catholic blessing before meals, the Guardian Angel prayer and the Hail Mary
Establishing 15 minutes of conversational prayer time
Saying as much of the Rosary each day as I can (separate from conversation time with Jesus)

Decrease vehicle debt by $1200 (at minimum)
Take a family vacation with CASH only

*Currently we owe on one vehicle and on our home, so this won't happen in 2012 but we are at the start of the journey to totally debt free living!

Being a SAHM is the greatest blessing, Lord let my lips not complain!
Become great at pursuing gratitude and expressing it at every opportunity
Appreciate our financial stability and practice frugality as part of my job as wife and mother

I talk way too often
I interrupt even more often
Lord Jesus Christ, remind me of the simple anatomy of my being - two ears and only one mouth

Save, save, save!
Save $6,200 for our three month emergency fund
Save $400 for photos with our new baby in July and for family Christmas pictures

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