Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One Year!

Rita has just celebrated her first birthday.  It is so wonderful to look back on a year of photos and see the incredible changes and milestones!  Rita is a beautiful, healthy, joyful child and we are so blessed to guide her through this life to Heaven.  On her birthday a dear friend commented that it was also an accomplishment for me...and as I thought back on the year, I realized that God has used me to accomplish so many great things.  Looking back...

> it has been a year since an unmedicated natural birth

> it has been a year of breastfeeding

> it has been a year of cosleeping

> it has been a year of learning life with a baby

> it has been a year of cloth diapering

But more importantly, Rita is no longer sleeping swaddled, thriving on breastmilk alone; she is...

> eating all sorts of food!  She especially enjoys sweet peas, gumbo, strawberries, blueberries, celery and carrots.

> crawling all over the place

> furniture walking

> standing unassisted for a few seconds

> saying some words: Momma, DaDa, Jesus, book, oh wow!, num-num, baby Riri (ree-ree), no

> signing "milk" while she nurses

> saying "na" when she wants to nurse

> pointing and gesturing when she wants to eat, drink, play with something she can't reach, etc.

> clapping

>swaying to the rhythm of songs

We are looking forward to another unmedicated natural childbirth in July, as well as nursing another sweet baby.  Rita is still nursing, she is no longer cosleeping (except for a few hours just before Tyler leaves for work) and we are surely no where near finished learning about our sweet girl who is a gift from Heaven!
Overall our sweet girl is so much more a toddler than a baby!  She brightens each day and fills our hearts with breathless joy.  Rita, we love you!  Happy Birthday!


  1. I love the name Rita - Happy Birthday! So pretty. The time passes so quickly, doesn't it?

    And congratulations on your other little blessing on the way! :-)

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    2. Thanks Chantelle! She is named for St. Rita and her deceased great-grandmother who raised seven wonderful children.
      The time flies! I just fall more in love with her every day.
      Thank you so much on the congrats! We are so excited to have another personality, soul and temperament enter our family circle. It will be an exciting journey.

  2. This is so sweet~ her bday is the day before I had Zachary (our baby). I'd love to have you over soon. I get you my number...


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