Wednesday, January 25, 2012

$5 Finds at Macy's

So this is semi-accurate.  The total actually rang-up to $6.44 with tax, but what makes this pretty much the best $5 Finds ever is that it was on a gift card I've been toting around for nearly a year!!   The subtotal was $5.96, so it is technically a qualified $5 Find.  :)
My purchases?

1. An amazing Carter's fleece onesie sleeper for Rita.  She always kicks her blanket off, so on chilly nights this will let us all sleep a bit more peacefully.  We had thought of buying her a sleep sack, but this will work just fine.
Clearance price: $3.48
Original price: $22.00

2. A sweet orange polo for a boy, size 3-6 mths.  It has a small navy blue dinosaur monogrammed at the shoulder.  It would be a great church shirt if we are having a boy (only four more weeks until we know) and if not, we can hold onto it for the future or use it as a gift!
Clearance price: $2.48
Original price: $9.99

So with a gift card containing $6.78, I was able to leave 34 cents to the next person in line!
If we had purchased these items at original price, the total would have been $31.99 (before tax).
Our savings?
A whopping $26.03!!!!
I just love minimizing my life by using giftcards that have been sitting in my wallet! 

Any frugal $5 Finds in your life lately?

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