Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reducing Screen Time

Ah! Don't hold me accountable! I'm a hard working stay at home mom!  I deserve a small break!

I have chanted each one of these sentences all too often in the last 10 months...and even during my pregnancy.  Truth is that even though I do work hard and I do deserve a small break, screen time (TV/computer/phone etc.) usually causes tension, distraction, brainwashing (commercials esp!), more to think about and just isn't truly relaxing.

I have been drastically reducing my screen time, I guess applying the minimalist concept in a way... and the results are great!

The house is much more organized, clean, manageable and peaceful.  Rita has received a significant increase in quality time from me and I have been sewing like crazy!  It's so refreshing to go to sleep at night feeling accomplished, clutter-free (most of the time), and worn-out! 

I think Advent is a perfect time to practice reduction of worldly influences!  If you have shopping to do, make a list, get in and get out and pray to avoid the chaos that Satan has thrust upon what should be an interior, peaceful time of year.

Use your new-found, screen-free, peaceful time for something fun - maybe bake a treat for the family or cook-up an elaborate but rewarding supper.  Lasagna is a great rewarding dish!  Ina Garten of Food Network has a tried and true recipe here.

Happy minimizing, simplifying and embracing the wait of the womb that holds Christ!

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