Thursday, November 3, 2011

Minimizing Picture Clutter

In our quest to minimize, simplify and live frugally I have shifted my focus to technology clutter, you know, that pile of wires, cables, cords and demo cds that eat-up some random corner of space in your home.

While sorting through a pile of such technology clutter as mentioned I found a digital frame, much like the one above...and what a discovery!  It is a great tool to a minimal life!   This is one Christmas gift I am so thankful to have received (and have held on to)!   Nearly all of the photos and videos (!!) that I desire to share with people can be put in this one device and set on a "camera roll" of sorts (and at speed I choose).  This is not to say we do not use frames, but I am so happy with how little we have on our walls now and this digital frame adds only one item, but it shares soooo many beautiful moments. 

The joy of dusting one frame vs. five or six more = priceless time with Rita!

Cheers to a minimal life!

I am not affiliated with Amazon, although I do find them to have frugal options available.

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