Monday, October 31, 2011

$5 Finds at 2:45pm

Yes, there are some of us who insist upon, beg and bargain with their husbands to accompany them on our outrageous (but sometimes successful) adventures:

"Please just ride with me to see if there is anyone still having a garage sale!"

"But, it's like 2:00.  No one is having a garage sale anymore."

"The sign said neighborhood garage sale, do you know how awesome that could be?"

"Seriously? You're going to make me do this?"

"Not make you, just keep asking until you agree..."

(Long pause)

"Ok, only if you pack me a snack of walnuts and a bottle of water."

Hooray - easy peasy!!  I think I married the best man! 

So the big question is, IS anyone having a garage sale at 2:45pm?  Yes my friends...and the baby clothes were .25 each!  HOORAY!!!

We found a couple of winter onesies for layering, since the weather is getting chilly and a few sun bonnets since the Louisiana sun is still strong and bright, no matter the temperature outside. The two outfits and two bonnets total  $1.  Tyler found an adorable sun dress that Rita can wear the next few weeks for 25 cents.  A long sleeve shirt and stockings/leggings can easily be added beneath.  I found a nursing cloak ($2) to keep in the house so that my current one can remain in the car.  This will ensure a nursing cloak for any occasion. :)  We also got, I kid you not, for 25 cents, a smocked infant dress (0-3 mths) and for another 25 cents an heirloom infant gown for a boy (yellow with beautiful delicate pastel blue stitching).  God is amazing...and He blesses us with amazing finds at garage sales.  All for $.3.75  Wowzers!

*There were a couple of other finds, but they are escaping my mind.  I still am shocked at how great these finds were and for SO little.  Frugal at its best!

**This post has been long awaiting publishing...and all it was waiting on was for me to enter prices! :)

Any great garage/yard sale finds for you lately? Leave a comment - I'd love to hear about it!

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