Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Simple Slow-cooker Chili

This past week I did my first round of serious bulk grocery shopping which combined sales and coupons.  I had a bit of bulk stash from previous shopping trips but the best deals were this past week!

Our supper Sunday night was delicious and took next to no time away from my family!  I enjoy cooking so much but it is nice to be able to enjoy Tyler's time off.


  • one lb ground beef* $2.12 (was $5.49, marked down to $4.12 and then $2 off coupon)
  • 12-16oz bag corn and bean mix (frozen) .88 (sale, was $2.39)
  • 24oz jar of chunky mushroom pasta sauce $1.00 (previous shopping trip, bought in a $10/10 sale)
  • one cup dry red kidney beans* .76 ($1.89 per lb = 2 1/2 cups or five 1/2 cups, not on sale)
  • seasonings: salt, red pepper and black pepper to taste
  • 1/2 loaf french bread .25 (was $1.69 per loaf, marked down to .99 per loaf, coupon for BOGO)
  • 1/8 stick butter* .15 ($4.14 per lb, not on sale, estimate amt. used)
*organic ingredients

1. Soak beans overnight
2. Put beans to cook in slow-cooker eight hours before desired serve time (cook at high until at boil then put on low)
3. Add ground beef, corn and bean mix, chunky mushroom sauce and seasonings four hours before desired serve time (break-up ground beef and stir at least twice while cooking)
4. Cook until chili reaches at least 160 degrees F (three - four hours)
5. Slice and butter french bread
6. Enjoy!

Total cost for approx. 10 cups of chili: $5.16

Obviously this dinner is incredibly cheap for the proteins and fats being organic.  This may seem unrealistic, but it is totally possible by combining sales/mark-downs and coupons!  This is one huge reason to buy often used items in bulk when they are incredibly cheap!

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