Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting Back on Track with a New Addition!

Family and Friends,
We are so so so excited to welcome our beautiful daughter Rita Marie into this world on January 16th at 8:03am. It has been so incredible to have a little miracle among us. After experiencing a Bradley birth (unmedicated and totally natural) I attest that every child that comes into this world is truly a miracle. It has been a wonderful three and a half weeks. Time is flying! Little Rita is gaining weight and already up to ten pounds! She is so long and lanky that the weight shows mostly in her little face getting rounder and rounder and the beginning of a double chin :) Tyler and I could just sit all day and listen and watch her. She makes the goofiest faces and Uncle Stephan is thoroughly impressed with her eye-crossing abilities. She has a very mild temperament and enjoys playing on her own. She is so patient, but once she reaches the end of her patience she can be very dramatic with fake cries and yells. Mamzie and Gramps are enjoying her immensely and greet Rita each morning before they leave for work and hurry to see her once they are home. Last night Tyler was holding Rita and Mamzie kept offering to hold Rita...she kept offering every two or three minutes! hehe It is so incredible to see so many people loving on our child. How blessed are we! Enjoy the pictures!

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