Thursday, February 17, 2011

22 inches!

Mamzie and I decided to measure Rita and much to our surprise we learned that she has grown an inch and a quarter!!! She is growing so so so fast! So today, I was undressing sweet Rita for her morning bathtime (which she is CRAZY about), carrying her in my arms, walking into the bathroom. Upon entering the bathroom I heard the most terrible gas-passing noise ever and before I could comprehend what had happened, there was poop on the bathroom counter and all over the bathroom floor! What a good morning to mom! Ha! Neeedless to say, I definitely also needed a bath after all that poop! Right now Rita is fussing...dang gas bubbles. She is watching me, actually, she is staring at my glasses and oh! sneezing! Today she is all in pink...ok, honestly most days she is all in pink :) But she has on her "cute chick" onesie on with hot pink pants, pink and white socks and the most adorable pink and white hat with a GIANT heart on it! Well, here she goes with those dang hiccups... ciao!
Isn't this just pure bliss? :)

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