Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Putting Cookie Monster to Shame

Friends and Family,
Let it be known that despite the growing baby inside of me my stomach seems to hold more food than ever. I am amazed when I wake up around two and three AM to a growling, gurgling stomach. Who ever knew my own hunger would awaken me? This baby, weighing approximately four pounds, can burn some serious calories. Lately, almost without fail, I am hungry every two hours. No, this is not a ...oh I could go for a snack, but a MOVE IT OR LOSE IT BUDDY I GOTTA EAT!!!!! Now, at 22, I can empathize with my childhood friend Cookie Monster. The whole bit of savagely shoving cookies (or healthy foods) into his mouth seemed so reckless and silly when I was a kid, but finally I understand Cookie Monster's extreme nutritional need...hahaha! Ohhh good childhood memories connecting to current life :) All of you women who are or have been pregnant are probably nodding your heads or laughing aloud. The truth is that food becomes of extreme importance and bless Tyler, who is so understanding and does not let me travel two feet from our front door without some sort of snack in tow. Anyway, we are entering into the beginning of Advent almost in disbelief that our little one will be here so soon! Today we are 34 1/2 weeks along with Christmas, a friend's wedding, a new year celebration and a baby on the horizon in the next seven weeks. Whew! Hopefully in February we will catch our breaths. We are truly excited for this baby and I feel like I'm really entering into my own season of Advent as I do my best to patiently await the arrival of our child, at nearly the same time as Our Lady waited for the birth of her child. What a blessing to be able to physically relate to Our Lady - this is truly a humbling time in my life. Overall, we are praying for all of you and look forward to seeing most of your faces during the Christmas season. May God shower grace upon you during this season of waiting!

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