Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkins and Bellies - Everything Round!

I just love the fall season, even though it is usually hot here in Louisiana, I still love the falling leaves and the pumpkins! Pumpkins and gourds are everywhere and I just think they are the most perfect shades of fall colors. Pumpkins aren't the only very round things that I've seen lately - all of us in our birthing class are nice and round just like the pumpkins I just love. We meet each week, the same five couples and our wonderful instructor. We have a blast, learn, chat, question and go over any "what-if" fearful scenarios we've thought of in the last week. I'm officially looking very pregnant and as Nicole so lovingly pointed out, "Gosh Sue! I think you've grown in the last three days since I saw you!" it seems like the baby is growing at a steady rate.
This past weekend we had so much going on! We had our baby shower on Saturday which was a source of abundant blessings and then on Sunday we ventured to Ville Platte for the Tournoi during the Cotton Festival. It was great to just sit outside, not think and watch the riders compete. We hope that all of you are well! I'll post some updated pictures very soon!

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