Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gumbo and Saints

Well, I have just been enjoying this pregnancy so much. It's so much fun to feel the baby moving and learning the personality of someone I can't yet see. On top of that it's gumbo weather and the Saints are giving us more to cheer about! What a blessing the beginning of this fall season has been. Camper living is becoming routine, although I did get assaulted by an open kitchen cabinet when I zipped around much too quick yesterday. Needless to say, I shut that darn cabinet with much ferocity.
Last weekend Stephan and Tyler went for a short squirrel hunt. Although it wasn't successful they did run across a cow delivering her calf breech...the excitement of the great outdoors!
Now back at home, my life is much more full of sarcastic, cocky, teenage boy humor thanks to my two brothers who are, by the way, pretty much officially creeped-out about becoming uncles. Stephan did feel the baby move this week, which seemed to make the baby more of a reality for him, although he was first convinced that the baby's movements were actually a bunch of gas that I needed to pass; Andre' quietly protests his upcoming title of Uncle by walking out of the room when we address him as such! Ha! Oh those boys. This Thursday evening I was visiting inside mom and dad's house when Stephan came out dressed in the most redneck of shorts. Sorry Uncle Toby, I think he has you beat! But the fun didn't stop there. For all of you who were not at Stephan's high school football game Friday night, I have enclosed Stephan's glamour shot taken Thursday evening, in anticipation for Friday's football game.

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