Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two more days!

Only two more days and then we get to see our little sunshine on the screen! Ha, as if the baby is some sort of movie star. We are looking forward to this ultrasound, because they check-up on the development of the organs and bones (from what I've been told). Most of all I'm excited to see the baby just kicking, flipping, and rolling - it seems more real this time since I'm feeling the baby much more often. No worries - we will sure post our little ones glamour shots on here asap!
In the meantime, we have moved into our humble abode, which is actually so very comfy and cozy. There are still some boxes to unpack, sitting here starring at me - I'm sure they're wondering why the heck I actually think I have time to be making a post, but hey, it's my life - boxes can wait. Getting something out of the freezer seems a bit foreboding, because it is a bit above my head and packed completely. There may be a few battle scars during my first attempt to pull-out the frozen Gotreaux Family Farm chicken, but I can assure you it will be worth it! Those little farmers sure grow some juicy chickens!
Well, I'm off to silence the boxes.

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