Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Miracle

We all know that this little baby is truly a miracle - a precious gift from God. In addition to this little life, it was discovered at the beginning of my pregnancy that I had a cyst on one of my ovaries. This cyst, in the beginning, was 14+ cm in diameter! We had dubbed it "the pancake," because it looked just like that at each ultrasound. My first OB/GYN had scheduled surgery for 16 weeks, but me and Tyler were very against cutting me open so close to the little one, so we made the choice (with much prayer and thought) to switch to a new OB/GYN. What a blessing this has been! We were met with more information, a doctor with an open mind and heart and a doctor who was willing to watch and see if my body would care for itself. At the 16 week appt. with my OB/GYN the cyst was now more oval shaped and 13 cm long, seeming to be shrinking at a very, very slow rate we continued to ask for prayers from our family, friends, and saints to which we are devoted, as well as Our Lady of Guadalupe. This all being said, can you believe the shock and marvel that Tyler, mom and me experienced at the conclusion of the 20week ultrasound when the technician assured us that the cyst was GONE - not smaller, GONE COMPLETELY!! Praise Jesus in heaven the Divine Physician and source of all good things, especially miracles! Our thanks to all of you who have been praying and to our guardian angels, patron saints, and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Jesus is so incredible!

Our precious little baby who was tumbling about and clutching its little hands together, as though it too were in prayer thanking God for the second miracle that he gave us. The miracle of good health for the sake of our baby and the sake of me.


  1. Hey guys!!!!

    I just read your entire blog and I am so happy to hear about everything going on. I had no idea you two were expecting! Silly me and congratulations! You are going to be amazing parents. And so glad the cyst disappeared... that is truly God at work. I also think it's so awesome y'all switched to organic foods. I've been "eating right for my blood type" ... for the most part... I have a huge sweet tooth... and have noticed a big difference in the way I feel. If you haven't heard of this "diet" (I'm not all about dieting, just being healthy) it's all about the enzymes your body has developed as a result of your ancestry. For instance, type Os (most people) are descended from hunters and gatherers, so their stomach produces enzymes that deals best with red meat, certain types of veggies and fruits, very little dairy, etc. I'm a type B which means I'm descended from a bunch of nomads so hallelujah I can eat almost anything, including lots of dairy!!! Anyway within the foods your body deals best with there are "superfoods", or foods that, for your particular type, are almost medicinal they're so good for you. Increasing these in your diet and decreasing the foods your blood type doesn't work best with can really increase your energy and overall well-being. I know friends that have done this that are off their acid reflux prescriptions, lost lots of weight etc.

    Anyway, thought you might find this interesting. I am so glad to hear everything going on in your life and will keep you and the little one in my prayers!!!


  2. So glad to hear... I will continue praying hard for the beautiful Thibodeaux family! Love love love, Emily


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