Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Chapter

So this is it! Only four months left and then we will have ourselves a little baby. Boy or girl, we don't know but we are just praying for good health! Much to my dismay, and Tyler's, I still don't look pregnant, but everyone assures us that I have plenty of time for that. This week I'm just starting to feel movement throughout the day - sometimes it seems that the baby is throwing a party, it's just wild and crazy movement. Enclosed are our 16 week ultrasound pictures, but next week we will have some fresh new ones of our baby now at 20 weeks! This little one is sure growing fast!
In the meantime Tyler has been blessed with a great new job, for which we are thankful to God. A new chapter? Yes, because not only are we expecting, but we are also moving because Tyler will only be a part-time student. What a journey! We will be doing this hippie style - backyard camper living until we have saved, saved, saved!!

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