Friday, March 7, 2014

A Lenten Poem {phfr} (and more interesting reads)

our "altar" of sorts - admittedly I stole the black cloth idea from Auntie Leila
I love the red candle. For me it represents the blood of Christ. 
A Lenten Poem
(My phone camera has entered a Picassian Blue Period...c'est la vie.)

Laundry washing.
Clothes on line outside.
Kids playing in mud.
Wearing an apron.
Hanging clothes in closet.
Watching kids through window.
Car seat arrived.
Coffee brewing.
Emerson moving.
Windows open.
God is present.
I am present.
Mold me, O Lord my God.

Sweet little souls playing "ice cream" outside.

funny thing to see how many hangers are unneeded after purging Tyler's wardrobe to build a true wardrobe

more {pretty}
I so look forward to meeting you, little bébé.
34 weeks
sort, wash, dry - no problem
fold, hang, put away - problem

And some interesting reads!

Realistic Idea of Food Budgeting

Pregnancy and PPROM

Blessings to you as you enter Lent!


  1. I love the altar! Beautiful. Wish I could get settled enough to build one. And- it is so clear why we're friends, fold? put away? what is that anyway? Sigh. Tomorrow is a new day. :) Happy 1st friday of lent and 34 weeks!

    1. Thanks! I have found many similar for $10, $15 and $20 at antique stores. Also, this one was from a garage sale - I think I paid $5 for it! Total blessing. Total.

      haha!!!! I'm so glad to have someone else who feels the same!!

      Thank you for the happy wishes!!! I hope you are well, chica!

  2. Wow, the food plan document blew my mind. Why does food have to be so expensive?!

    1. Not sure, but you know, pinterest has some cool visuals of how people spent money 50 and 100 years ago versus now. It's cool for altering perspective. :)

  3. Replies
    1. YAY!!! Me too!

      (And I just had the greatest fascination of Ralph Waldo Emerson in high school - forgot about it until after we settled on the name. Love his appreciation and admiration of creation!)


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