Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Five Favorites: Linking Up with Links!

Linking-up with Moxie Wife for some faves!

Speaking of favorites and favors - can you pray for a friend? Her dad passed away. He was young. She is young, younger than me. She and her husband just married last month. Thanks peeps. I can't imagine how deep her grief is.

How about some good article reads?

Interesting might be a better word - because you aren't me and surely "good" reads is a personal preference. Anyway!

1. ModernMrsDarcy has a nice article about Highly Sensitive People - very intriguing. I'm not going to lie. Just about everything Anne writes captures my attention! A blog worth following.

Early riser. Busy in the kitchen!

2. Bonnie wrote a post back in 2013 that I still muse over. It's good stuff. I tend to want to do something if I think I can do it perfectly - but if I think I might "fail" in some way, I just don't attempt. Tragic. So this post about Little Moment Parenting really touched my heart.
Thankfully we have raincoats and the kids delight in the constant cold and rain
...for like six minutes...but who's counting? ;)

3. Does your Amazon cart stay filled with items that you reluctantly click "save for later" when you finally do make a purchase? I know, me too. But here is a screen shot of some books I've read and others I haven't that I really would like to own. My children and I have collectively incurred nearly $200 in library fines and damage over the 2013 year. So honestly, buying on Amazon saves us money!

Is it so obvious we have Amazon Prime? We love it. Serious.
4. I still love Auntie Leila's post about debt and life, etc. I think it really shows her depth of wisdom.

Primary color painting. My girl loves window sunshine and the freedom to create. It's awesome. Messy. But awesome.

5. Finally, Hallie Lord's letter to a young bride.
It hits home for me. Tyler and I knew each other a couple months before we started dating, then were engaged nine months later and then eight months after that the bells were ringing and these two imperfect souls were united with all the love and grace that comes with the sacrament of matrimony. A few months before our two year anniversary we had our first bambino and have been steadily (and prayerfully) growing our family ever since. It hasn't been a walk in the park as we have sort of learned each other all the while learning to be parents. It has been so incredibly deep and wonderful. It has made us throw back the veil and really reflect on who we are, who God is calling us to be, etc. It has actually been an amazing journey. Amazing. I would do it all the same!


  1. I remember the season of the library fines! :-) It helped when I switched to getting my books as ebooks. They auto return so I can't get fined. :-)

    1. Good idea! The math shows that the biggest kickers are DVDs and replacing books - still, a penny saved by using ebooks.


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