Sunday, February 23, 2014

Because...Well, Just Because!

So Happy Sunday! I'm going to join-in on the crazy Conversion Diary 7 days of blogging because...? I have no other reason than because I feel like trying! Maybe it will forceforceforce me to keep our routine instead of throwing myself into stupid situations of - hey kids we have 30 minutes to eat breakfast, get dressed, clean up and leave the house because momma has decided that 30 minutes from now is a GREAT time to accomplish xyz. Negatory. Gotta stop the nonsense.

Bambino at 32.5 weeks, oooo but who's counting?

I was chatting with a momma of five earthly souls (a few in Heaven too) and she said the major difference from two to three kids is that I have to have a plan before doing something.

Leaving the house?
Who gets buckled in first?

My sense of humor precisely.

Sorry little guy in my belly...I think you will be third. Every time. Well as far as buckling seat belts  go, (but I'm sure a year or so from now that will change)! Because spontaneous opinionated toddlers roaming the front yard which is that-close to the street...well, ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

Swimsuits for my boys this summer! We are just so blessed!
So anyway.

Cheers to meal planning. Blog planning. And a broken printer (just remembered!) so I'll be handwriting ye ole menu.

A friend sent this to me this past week - hello! I LOVE seeing what I do accounted for. Brilliant.
On a more serious and meaningful note, husband's great-grandmother passed away. Please pray for the repose of her soul - although we are both confident that if anyone has earned a rank in Heaven it is this woman! Prayers appreciated! :)

Andddd you can check back every day this week - I'll be going through and deciding to submit or delete posts that have been biding their time in the drafts folder.

See you later, alligator!

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  1. I would say the big thing for me with 3 was making sure I had a place to "park" the baby. When you were putting shoes on, changing diapers, taking someone to the potty, etc, one child was relatively unsupervised so I needed a place to put the baby that the other child couldn't injure him. We had a swing and/or pack n play on each level of the house.

    You might also check out this blog if you haven't. Her slow day posts are very inspiring.


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