Wednesday, December 19, 2012

4.75 months and Not Playing Around

I kid you not my firstborn son (and only son, at the time) drank from a cup (old pickle/mason jar) at least four times last night.
He has been grabbing at my drinking glass the past week or so and cries as soon as we pry it from his hands.
So yesterday he pulled my glass to his mouth. Ever so gently I tilted the glass until water lapped at his lips. And he drank! A gulp every time.
Tyler thought I was nearly out of my mind. When he tried to take the jar from Jonah, yes he was holding it with both hands, properly, our sweet JoJo cried instantly. I cannot believe how kinesthetically astute this baby boy is!
At two months he would grasp and remove the pacifier from his mouth.
Just last week he managed to get the pacifier into his mouth on his own.
And now drinking from a jar! The boy doesn't even roll over! Only from one side to the other while on his back. He does push-up with his hands when we lay him on his belly. But even still! Drinking from a jar!!
Well folks, life is a moving forward. I just pray that he isn't obsessed with dumping quite yet. We're still cleaning lots of spills with Rita!

Who am I kidding?! This is life with kids!

Plus Jo has been refusing to nurse when we eat dinner. Oh yie. Rita didn't start foods until nine months and then only got real serious at 11 months. This little guy is just itching for our food. He stares at our plates, refuses to be breastfed at that time and grabs our plates and pulls them to himself. I think Rita displayed this interest at six months! I was just lazy and kept nursing her until a friend pointed out that I should get up and fix the baby food so she would stop nursing every 90 minutes during the day! Thank you friend (who sits with her third born so newborn and cuddly)!

Lord, thank you for my able children. Thank you for this hectic day with them. Help me to stop yelling and being frustrated so easily. Open my heart to receive patience and discernment in parenting. Quiet my heart Oh Lord and teach me your gentle ways that my children can receive the tender care they deserve and need. Amen.

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  1. funny how all babies have their strengths and weaknesses! maybe jonah will be a surgeon one day! haha.

    landon showed that interest in food that early as well. as much as it pained me to start food before 6 months...i felt i had to give in! and he totally drinks from a cup too (although we just started that in the last week, not quite as talented as jonah starting so young ;))

    your babies are precious :)


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