Sunday, November 4, 2012

Laundry Day: Revisiting and Reviewing my Routine

Conclusion: The Routine Rocks!

Day one: I love this! Clean laundry is great and a good bit of it even found its way home. Good stuff. I knew I loved schedules!

Day four: Don't schedule play dates on laundry day.

Day five: Cleaning rags were in the mix with towels, so I did uniforms tonight. Maybe I should have the washer full of a uniform load for when Tyler comes home on Friday, add Friday's clothes and put to wash. Then, uniforms would be done for the weekend.

Day six: Bath and darks today, as darks were nearing the tippy top of their hamper section.

Day eleven: Fell behind, but it is encouraging to have an order of execution for the piles.

Day fourteen: No laundry piled up and no laundry done = SUCCESSFUL ROUTINE!

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  1. Awesome that the routine is working for you!!! It's always nice when things work out in you favor and make life simpler :)

    1. Thanks! Organization really helps to bring order to our home and so does routine. It is really great to have laundry consistently clean...even if it is piled on the floor at the moment! Another day I'm going to figure out a method for putting laundry away!


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