Thursday, November 15, 2012


Happy Friday!

Thursday we canceled our playdate and visited Dada at work, as Rita was teething terribly and had had multiple meltdowns before 9am.

She had to scream outside on the front porch.  It was that intense.  She came in quite jolly after letting off her steam.  I should have known it would be a crazy day after this "conversation"...

Rita: Pfffttt! (blowing spit bubbles) "Get out mouth!"(Cute, but words of danger!!)
Me: "Oh Rita! Is your mouth hurting?"
Cue meltdown.
Rita: Screaming and crying.
Me: "Rita, do you want a popsicle?"
Rita: "Pooooooppppppppsicccccccclllllllle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


But lunch with Dada made life better.

Then we came home and she played with the dishwasher and the pantry.  She had a blast and we got the kitchen pretty spiffy!  After some delicious spaghetti (with hidden veggies!), Dada rocked Rita until she was fast asleep.  So amazing to see how she loves her Dada!

So, buttons?

Just wanted to point-out the three buttons on the right side of this blog and wanted to give you more info so you know what you're getting into when you click those cute buttons!  They are GREAT reads!!  I love finding a new post from any of these authors in my Google Reader.  Hoping to share the joy:

House Unseen {Life Unscripted}
JUST started following this blog, but loving it!  Dweej is a clever gal.  She keeps it fresh and real = priceless.  Guaranteed smiles.

Intentionally Simple
Rachel is very kind and professional.  She does a great job with articulating struggles and points of growth in motherhood.  She has great tips for finance, living green and simple.  Guaranteed inspiration.

Like Mother, Like Daughter
Leila and her daughters are filled with wisdom and solid advice.  They (mostly Leila) share in a down-to-earth way and have great ideas for raising a faithfully Catholic family in a sacramental home.  Come and join-in on the {pretty, happy, funny, real} every Thursday! Guaranteed confidence.

There are SO MANY great blogs out there that I read.  Just wanted to explain the buttons! 
Happy Weekending!

St. Matthew, patron saint of financial matters, pray for us as we all embark on this holiday season very soon.  Keep us faithful to our financial plans so that the holidays are spent rejoicing and not stressing.  Amen.


  1. Thanks for sharing about Intentionally Simple!

    And, hopefully those teeth will pop through soon so everybody will have relief! :)

    1. :) My pleasure to share!

      Yes! Wow my dentist cousin told me 11 months ago that Rita would get her eye teeth...these teeth move too slow for us all!


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