Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Simple Infant Play

Rather than purchase an infant gym for $25-$40 (I went to the store and priced them, I was considering the purchase that seriously) I was inspired (thank you Holy Spirit) to put this simple infant play gym together for Jonah.

No, there aren't things hanging from the ceiling (he sometimes lays in Rita's crib to see her mobile for back play), but we needed help with tummy time and these simple items achieved that and saved us at least $25!

Items used:
  • small mirror
  • black and white book
  • color wheel (painted by yours truly in Art I in high school!)
Our sweet boy had a blast and played at least three times longer on his belly than normal.  I danced around him as I put laundry away, but if I had been on the floor playing too it would have lasted much longer!

Glad to have a simple, frugal, and minimal way to stimulate our baby.  

Have you found using minimal supplies or re-purposing home items to be better for your budget and just as good for your baby?

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