Friday, October 5, 2012

Frugal Practices that Work/Save For Us: Water

In order to save water, we do a small variety of things (not nearly as extensive as electricity), although as Rita has gotten older and immensely enjoys water play, we aren't quite as careful as we used to be!

Source: via Marisol on Pinterest

1. Hand wash dishes, having wash water and rinse water drawn beforehand so that the water isn't left running. Then we use the water for our plants outside! The suds help to kill aphids, which is a perk!

2. Shower more often than we bathe. I've nearly perfected the five minute shower that I used to jaw-droppingly admire about my husband.

3. Run the dishwasher on "light." It usually does just as good as normal and uses a few gallons less!

These are simple, but maybe they will spark some ideas for you to share with us!

How do you save on water?

Have a blessed First Friday and Saturday! And pray for a special intention I have, please!

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