Sunday, October 14, 2012

Double Duty on Laundry Day

Monday is laundry day around here...but sometimes that is a bit postponed by things such as this:

A kitchen very much in need of some love!

Funny thing is, this kitchen saw lots and lots of love this weekend.

Saturday I chopped and froze bell peppers, sweet peppers, green onions, garlic chives, collard greens and onions.  For raw veggie eating I chopped a blend of bell peppers and cucumbers.  There are also bags of sweet peppers ready for the munching.  There is chopped squash ready for baby food making  (trying to plan in advance as Jonah will probably start tasting/eating table foods right after the holiday season ends...and I'm not expecting squash to be at market in January or February) or it will be used for a squash soup.  Just have to see how the week progresses.  Baked a butternut squash and froze the meat for baby food for Jonah.  It's a lot of talk about squash for babyfood - it's supposed to be very gentle on the stomach and intestines so I try to stock-up.

Then I made a chicken pot pie using leftover chicken, collard greens and mixed veggies.  Such a hearty meal and it easily hides awkward/disliked/leftover veggies.

I followed-up the pie with two quarts of chicken stock, which also made it into the freezer.

At mom's I used her fancy grater to shred zucchini for CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI BREAD.  And shelled purple hull peas with my aunt.

Now our refrigerator and freezer have a nice stock of local veggies, most frozen soon after harvest, and that means more nutrients for our bodies! 

On Sunday night both of us wanted to get pizza from our favorite local pizza joint, but we held fast to the budget and I threw together a homemade chili.  It was delicious and used-up our leftovers from tacos on Friday.  Love not wasting food!

It was such a productive weekend and we spent lots of time with family.  I made a total wreck of the kitchen and did a ton of meal prep. 

So it will be a Monday of laundry and dishes, and that's fine by me!

I love having Monday as my laundry day, although with four people in our family I'm realizing I need a second day devoted to laundry.  Trying to decide between Tuesday or Thursday...  Having it at the beginning of the week gets my week moving at full force ahead and catching-up on laundry from weekend happenings (family visits, football games, festivals, etc.).  Recently I learned that before the precious (and I mean that so seriously!) washer and dryer women did laundry on Monday because it required them having time to rest before (Sunday) as it was such an exhausting task!  I love joining the ranks of women before me and doing laundry on Monday.  Getting all sentimental helps to fuel the fire of success for my laundry chore!

In need of laundry detergent? 
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