Thursday, October 11, 2012

Current State of Affairs: Rising From the Ashes of a Week Long Growth Spurt

Last Wednesday Jonah started what seemed to be a growth spurt, but one that continued through yesterday (Wednesday) evening.

In the midst of this my milk has been a bit scant on one side for most feedings.

I'm surviving. Though my sweet Rita gets the brunt of my impatience and frustration, which frustrates me...hmm..I'm detecting a cycle!

So sorry for the absence here.

We should, God-willing, be back on Monday with more patience, sleep and fewer laundry piles.

And I am including a snapshot of our dining/living area...makes my Type-A personality stress with such disorganization. The sofa to the right of the photo is covered with stuff. Thankfully, due to our constant efforts to keep things to a minimum and simple, it is less than 10 minutes to clean-up!

Hoping you and yours are well.

And if you are riding from the ashes too, take a breath with me! And enjoy a glass of wine with supper!

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  1. Hang in there! I agree that less stuff = less mess and that makes things so much simpler when times are rough!

    I am also living amongst piles of laundry. The apartment complex was just sold and the new owners took out our laundry facilities and didn't think through the replacements well. We are without dryers (we have washers) until sometimes next week :(


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