Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Amazing Article for Anyone

Happy Wednesday!  I've never understood why Wednesday is the popular name of TV characters (Prince Wednesday in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood - now Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Wednesday in the Addams Family), but this post isn't about the names of TV characters.

This article popped up in my Twitter feed yesterday...and you should read it.  Even if you aren't a new mom...even if you are a man!  It articulates the newness of motherhood (and where all of us sleep-seeking, baby toting, emotional women are coming from) so well.  It might be right where you are at.  Or you might say, "Oh!  That's why so-and-so acts such-and-such a way!"

I think the author, Simcha Fisher jumped into my head.  Cause this is exactly where I am.  So I'm not worrying about the  over-flowing laundry hampers, I'm just thinking of getting to sleep.  And I'm definitely not worrying about how I'm going to fit into a bridesmaid dress in three short months!  And I'm definitely not freaking out about another baby anymore.  Thanks Simcha.  You rock.

Just please take five minutes and read it.

And I hope you are well!

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  1. Great article, thanks for sharing! She made a great point about some moms not being a baby person- never thought about that before. And every time I think about having a lot of kids, I try to remind myself (and my friends, if they bring it up) that God gives us the grace we need when we need it. So that means right now all I need is the grace to take care of my one baby :)

    1. Love "God gives us the grace we need when we need it. So that means right now all I need is the grace to take care of my one baby." That is going in my top 10 quotes!

    2. :) just had to say thank you again for posting that article...I shared it on Facebook and it encouraged several of my friends (who really needed it)!

    3. Praise the Lord!!!
      So happy to share the Light!


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